Houshi Stills: a Miroku Icontest

Would you like to bear my child?

Houshi Stills: a Miroku Icontest Community
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What kind of community is this?
Welcome to Houshi Stills, an icontest for everyone's favorite perverted monk, Miroku! The icons in this stills contest will feature Miroku in some way, and will only be stills taken from the anime, manga, or fanart/doujinshi. No motion pictures allowed. This community was created to honor the houshi that is Miroku, and to hopefully give him an active icontest.

Please read the rules before joining.
- Icons must be submitted in standard LJ format. (100x100, 40k or less, .jpg, .gif, or .png)
- Icons submitted must make their first appearances here. If they are posted anywhere else, they will be disqualified.
- If you see an icon you like but do not know who made it, comment to an entry or contact a mod.
- Please do not vote for yourself. Give everyone a fair shot.
- Icon submissions will range depending on how active the community is, and will range from two to four max submissions.
- Do not whine or cry about not winning. This is all for fun, and to be enjoyed. Not everybody can win all the time.
- You must be a member to vote.
- No animated icons. This is a 'stills' contest.
- Submit your own icons. Don't steal icons and claim them as your own.
- To show me that you read the rules, please put Would you bear my child? in the subject line of your first icontest submission.

How do I submit my icons for the contest?
Challenges will be posted on Sunday, Monday the latest. Submissions will stay open until Friday at a specified time, and voting will last for two whole days, starting from the time the voting was posted. Winners will be announced once the voting closes, and the votes are counted up. Voting will be weighed as follows: 1st place will get 3 points, 2nd place will get 2, and 3rd place will get 1. The amount of places that can be voted on depends on how many icons are submitted to the contest. Icons that place first will be used as the community's default icon until the next winner is obtained.

Your submission should look something like this:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Consider this a hall of fame of sorts..

Week 1//Winners//Banners//kotae
Week 2//Winners//Banners//kotae
Week 3//Winners//Banners//misako_chan
Week 4//Winners//Banners//__ame__
Week 5//Winners//Banners//pantstacular
Week 6//Winners//Banners//rachiru_chan
Week 7//Winners//Banners//misako_chan
Week 8//Winners//Banners//kotae
Week 9//Winners//Banners//misako_chan
Week 10//Winners//Banners//gohstar
Week 11//Winners//Banners//sunflowerraven
Week 12//Winners//Banners//misako_chan
Week 13//Winners//Banners//misako_chan
Week 14//Winners//Banners//pantstacular
Week 15//Winners//Banners//kythzia
Week 16//Winners//Banners//oulan
Week 17//Winners//Banners//misako_chan

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MODS: sunflowerraven, kotae
BANNER MAKERS: anime_rapture, kotae, karmaside